Being a Sheep Can Be Fun!

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Being a Sheep Can Be Fun!


For a while I was working on a bigger project and I didn't want to let myself get too distracted. I stopped playing LoL, didn't touch it for six months or so, it was all fine. But then I got cravings for other games. My good old favorite single player games. The cravings grew and grew until one day I had my shelf open and I almost clicked 'install'.

But then an idea struck! A brilliant, lovely idea. I went to YouTube and Googled Let's Plays for the games I craved. And I started watching those while working (long live double screen setup). I didn't have to focus on every little bit, I watched the parts I wanted to see the most, or when I needed a small, undemanding distraction. Then, I realized that even Let's Plays from games I don't know could be fun, I've watched a bunch of series from the Game Grumps and enjoyed them plenty.

Alas, one my favorite games, Black & White, doesn't have a complete Let's Play that's not in, I believe, German. I watched one of them but it wasn't finished due to a crash or a bug.

And you know, everyone's making Let's Plays nowadays so I thought - why not make my own so that I can watch that in the future when nostalgia hits? Could be fun. And yep, it sure was fun ^^

Relaxing, too, to get into a mini-project that I don't have to make perfect and polished, and where I can just enjoy myself, because I have no expectations or goals connected to it whatsoever. It felt great to allow myself to be a complete scrub and fail all I wanted just because.

If for some reason you feel like listening to me rambling about that 15 years old game, you can find the playlist here (more videos are coming):