Designated love interests, childhood friends, forced tragedy

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Designated love interests, childhood friends, forced tragedy


What is this, you ask? Well, let me tell you! It's a rant. Everyone needs a good rant every now and then. This particular rant is sponsored by the ending of the TV show Revenge, but that's obviously not the only thing guilty of those things that irk me here :)

This post is full of spoilers. Obviously.

First things first though - the first season of Revenge was a huge fun, and as far as I can remember, so were the two following ones, but for me, the show got worse with time. The logic took a vacation, the loopholes were just too many, and the army of Deus Ex Machinas called in would be enough to defeat a legion of honey badgers. Probably. I'm not taking bets there.

But there was always Nolan and Victoria. Even when David joined the cast (I'm sorry, but his acting to me was comparable to Henry's in Once Upon a Time... They could've just casted Pinokio for the role if they wanted some good wood), those two carried the show for me.


All in all the show had its better and worst sides, but the one that irked me the most was Jack.

Why? Because I was really happy to see that the show DID NOT go with the "childhood love = true love" thing, but decided to go a more realistic (and frankly, far more interesting) route. I was sure they escaped that horrible cliche, and then in the last season it turned out that I was tricked... and every Deus Ex Machina left in the world was brought onto the stage to make the tru loff happen.

I skipped their romance scenes. I skipped them like I skipped the flash-forwards from HIMYM's last episode, because I didn't want to cry - not from sadness this time, but from frustration and excessive eye-rolling.

There's a significant difference between a couple that knows each other from childhood, and turns from friends into lovers, and can't imagine their lives without one another, and a couple of friends who get separated at what, 7 years old or something for the following two decades, and yet MUST END TOGETHER CAUSE TRUE LOVE!! Why? Because they played with the same dog! And they had a child-wedding with rubber bands. I had a child wedding in my kindergarten times with my best friend. I can't remember his name.

My favorite partner for Emily? Maybe Aiden. It made sense, they had chemistry. It worked. But yea, let's kill him instead for the dramas. Well, all right, it's a motive for revenge and the show's called Revenge. I get it. As long the reason is plot, not removing obstacles standing before the TRU LOFF can happen.

Daniel? They could go back to being together after everything that happened if the writers played it smart. I love love love seeing complicated relationships with past that makes them difficult and with real obstacles to overcome. I love when it requires thinking out of the box and reaching into the characters' depths to understand why they work. This had potential, SO much potential. More than Aiden, because here, there was some really tricky background, and the evolution of Emily and Daniel's characters that would lead to them being together would be fascinating to watch. By the end of Daniel's life on the show, there were scenes that made it look plausible. It could happen. And it'd be great.

But you know what? Better kill him off. Cause there's Jack waiting! And they had a dog when they were kids, and the dog is dead now ;( So, ya kno.

What about Ben? Well, Ben was nothing really interesting. At first he annoyed me, but he grew up on me somewhat. Still far better than Jack, but he was kind of meh compared to the other options (plot-wise).

But you know what? Let's make Emily behave irrationally so the relationship is gone and she can FINALLY be with Jack! Yea yea yea! They had been gathering sea-shells together, after all, NO?!

And in the end Emily and Jack got married. I don't know, to me, there was absolutely no chemistry between them, NOTHING that would make me root for them. I'd have liked it better if Emily just died with Victoria, it would've been more poetic for sure. Though wouldn't make it much better since by then the True Love was already in action.

I've read on Facebook that there was even a new dog by the end. Probably with the same name. Cause, ya kno. Feels.

I think that if from season one the show showed Emily and Jack trying to get together, and hadn't thrown much more interesting relationships into the mix, I would be less mad. Because I wouldn't be simply disappointed. It was the fact that they led me to believe that they would show me that they are not going to go by those romantic comedy rules that made the turn so bitter.


So then, what about the forced tragedy? Well, imagine this:

There's tragic life, long fight back to regain what was lost, then miraculous reunion, followed by a bunch more drama and fighting for life and revenge and love and everything and then few episodes before the show finale, it seems that something worked out. All right!

Wait, what? No, that's just silly.

Random cancer plot! Yea. Let's kill the father for whom the revenge happened in Revenge. Why? Well, because... because... that'd be just soooooooooooooooooooooooooo... DEEP.

So deep that Adele could roll in it (borrowing this joke, I just love it)! And so ironic that Alanis could write another song about it! So dramatic that Heimskr could shout about it in Whiterun!

You know what? No. No it wasn't. It wasn't touching. It wasn't deep. And with his acting, it wasn't even dramatic. I rolled my eyes.

Yes, sometimes there is a sudden tragedy in fiction that strikes and makes me cry (and I cry really easily, I cry on YouTube videos sometimes). Yes, sometimes it's something I even expected (feared) would happen. Sometimes it's the character that really shouldn't have died, and I know, I know the scumbag writers chose the most lovable one to off just so I cry. But sometimes it works. So. Very. Well. Too well. Why? Because it makes sense.

Because it's tragic, and ironic, and deep.

Not random. Not forced.

And when that happens, I will cry, I will howl, I will baaaaaw to the heavens, and I will hate the writers for it forever and ever (hello, Angel, hello Moulin Rouge). And I will cry my eyes out, not roll them.

And that's what I call good writing.

Sorry, Revenge.