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I don't hit plasters


It's a joke that makes negative sense in English :D But I had to, precisely for that reason.

Anyway, this time, a short post, inspired by several conversations with several friends (I almost wrote several plasters here) I've had this week. And yes, we talked about Valentines day.

So, happy Valentines day, world! I think of all the things, love is one of the best to celebrate. And yes, there's commercialism, yes it's a "forced" celebration. As every celebration. We celebrate Christmas in December too, and nobody will say "but I don't want to celebrate that TODAY! It's so *forced*!".

That's the point, yo. Everyone at once, special day. And it's great. Just as it's great that people are generally nicer by Christmas, it's great if they go the extra mile for Valentines day. It's great if they get excited to celebrate love. And if a commercial pink teddy bear or candy hearts make someone smile, then why the hell not use them. Same with black goth teddy bears. Or simple forest walks (with bonus grizzly bears if that's someone's fancy).

And, contrary to what at least two of those friends I spoke to seem to think, doing something special on Valentines day does not mean you can't be romantic, lovely, and nice for the rest of the year. And if spending a nice day with your other half is something forced and unpleasant, well... ;)

And (this entry is sponsored by the word "And"), to all the hipsters, who refuse to celebrate it, to all the singles, who have no reason to, and to all the uninterested for any other reason - happy Saturday. It's weekend. Maybe it's not love, but it's still good enough reason to celebrate on it's own :P