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Update on things


I've finished designing the new website layout and will soon know if I need to fix/readjust anything there. Then it's up to my friend with technical brain to piece it together and make it work, since I can only do images. The new website will have a proper Thank You page promised on the indieGoGo campaign up and ready :)

I've ordered some of the perk prizes yesterday, and I'll be ordering the rest today and tomorrow (or maybe just today, depends how things go). The thank you video will come after I've sent everything out.

I'll also put the book up on Amazon this week, and when everything's done I will have to find some way to market it a bit. I'm really green when it comes to anything advertising so that's the step I've no idea how to take. Having done a little research I found out that all of those not-too-expensive promotion services actually give nothing or close to nothing so it's better to skip them. Well, it sure won't be a simple do and forget and it might take a longer while to achieve anything, but fortunately books don't have expiration dates so it's okay to take it one step at a time. That's something :)

Meanwhile, I'll be slowly writing the 2nd volume.

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Progress Update - homestretch!


I haven't written anything here lately, because to write I need to think of something, and I don't have time to think :) Nah, kidding, but I'm focusing my efforts on a bunch of things I've left to do and it's possible - not promising, but possible - that the book will actually be available in the stores next week! Scary. I fear that I'll do something wrong and stumble over multiple technicalities somewhere along the way :D But I guess it's to be expected from a first-timer. Judging from the struggles my friend, Quentin Oakwood, went through to get his book show on Amazon the way he wanted it to (cover, price, back-cover, ISBNs and all that) I think I should prepare some old cables to bite on.

But, nevertheless, it's a light at the end of the tunnel. It feels pretty abstract for me to publish a novel after about six years of working on it, and, wow, more or less a decade and a half from the first time I started writing a book in all seriousness, filled with dreams of becoming a writer.

If nothing else, I'm gonna buy myself icecream to celebrate the stubbornness :P

What's left to do? Preparing the text to look professionally in print (so much more work than I thought it'd be...) and making a proper e-book based on that (black magic). Then re-researching everything I forgot about how to digitally publish it with PODs and other goodies. At the same time I'll send out the e-books to all those awesome people who helped me on the indieGoGo, then order the hardcovers and other perks - once those arrive, it's perk prize sending time :)

In the meanwhile I'm working on a new website design that will be more concise and hopefully interesting too. I know very little about marketing, but I'm pretty sure an enticing website is a good foundation to build anything up on.

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The line editing campaign is now up!


At long last, it's finished, up, set.

The IndieGoGo campaign where I hope to raise money for line editing of the first book of New Amazing Nightmare. I'm sooo anxious, it's been a ton of work and I know nothing about marketing :D Guess it's time for a cup of tea and an evening with research.

Panicking like a ferret on an electricity wire! Keep your thumbs crossed, please, and if you can, spread the word! Thanks <e-hugs>.

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Late night update, n reminiscing, n


It's been a long while (old website-long) since I've posted an actual update on NAN, so, since I've given up on saving and renaming card files for today, might as well do it now :)

I'll start with the song though, found it randomly via Youtube's Autoplay and fell in love: Tom Odell - Another Love.

And so...

I'm very much nearing the finish of everything I have to do before launching the indieGoGo campaign. I've read and reread and rewritten the text again and again and then once more and then included some more rewrites and fixes (and some tiny minor things are still coming, because my brain goes over everything over and over again giving me mini-insomnia... caught two teeny weeny logical errors even, so profit). That was the hardest part obviously.

The cover is done (just need to check one thing with the title). All five are planned out and drafted.

The cards are done (just need to brighten them for clarity in print).

The trailer is done, music and all (just need to modify the voices part a little, it's too loud, and render it again).

The t-shirt designs are almost done (just need to tweak the second one to make it nicer).

The text is done (just need to apply a few tiny fixes for errors I remembered).

The website is done (I can fill the rest out when everything else is off my head). Facebook, Twitter, they're somewhat set up as well.

All that's left is print the trial versions of the cards, the t-shirts, the small calendars, get the mystery gift sample, make a video for indieGoGo, and set up the page there...

And then get to writing the 2nd volume xD

Five years, huh? I think it was 2008 or 2009 when I first started to draft the plot for the cRPG I wanted to make :) Dialogues, characters, sketch of the plot, setting, based loosely on an old universe of mine created for my older novel.

It was all twisted and turned when I decided to make the game's plot into a novel instead. The focus shifted, main characters changed, the setting made a wild jump, and then the actual story began to unfold before me in my head until hardly anything was left from the cRPG story idea, or the world I started with.

I see my first draft was last saved in September 2011 (I'm a digital pack-rat, I have all that junk safely stored in several places :D). I stopped halfway through and decided on major changes. Rewrote it from scratch. Finished in July 2013. Didn't know it took so long, huh. It was the first draft of a too-long (and yet rushed) part of the story that I decided to split into two volumes, and do both of them right. It just didn't feel like a novel at all. I remember back then I still thought I could close the story in two books only :) Good times haha. Granted, the plot was faaaaar less complicated than it grew to be.

Then came the first version of the actual first volume. Finished on January 2014. It had already gone through some minor rewrite as far as I remember, because things were growing more complex, and some others started to make no sense and had to be cut. It was going well until the point when shit hit the fan and everything exploded. A planned 1 month fix, turned into another revamp that basically had me rewrite 90% things from scratch. I think this one came from my actually having learned a lot about writing. I spent quite some time doing research on variety of things, reading some books, and it all mulled and munched in my head, and I realized I had holes to fill that simple patching wouldn't help with.

By the time I was done with it, 6 months later, I knew I had more rewrites to do :D And that way I finally arrived at December 2014 with a final version I'm only tweaking now; a scene here, a dialogue there, a sneaky error pthere...

It's over. The plot for the remaining 4 books is pretty much set. The gaps are filled, the story is whole in my head and notes, complete with the closing sentence.

What a long trip it has been (and how much is still left!). But for now, I stand before the last step of the first step, and it feels odd. It's not so easy to push through though :) I keep getting looped in details. Fix one more scene. Check the cover, maybe something should be done differently. The face on this card or that isn't quite right. The logo design is wacky. The music for trailer isn't right. Always something.

But I'm almost there. I'm almost at the point where I just don't know how to improve on things, or don't have the necessary skills to do so. And so, I have to let it go.

The Reckoning is ahead :D

(I try to look tough on my emoticons, but in reality I'm like a scared kitten under the broom :<)

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