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Tiny New Year's Resolution


I'm not much for New Year resolutions ever since I realized I completely suck at keeping them (and I really don't think I'm alone in that, am I :D), so this time it will be just a tiny one - to update this blog around here at least once a week. At this point in time I linked the site to a whole of 3 people or something, so I can ramble ahead without worrying about making a mush of someone's brain.

I'll be counting the weeks I succeeded, and the weeks I failed, because what fun is a win without a statistic to back it up! 1/1, great success.

...I so have to update this site with the new title.

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The quasi-launch


Took me a while to get to it, but here it is - the skeleton of the new website. Most of it is empty and I fear it will remain so for a bit, as I have other things that I need to take care of first.

But if you're reading this message, it most likely means that sample fragments of the novel are ready and available under the READ -> CHAPTER 1/2/3 categories. My apologies for any sorts of mistakes or typos, these are obviously still unedited, and I lack the hawk eye of professional bug-hunters.

For those of you who found this place through my VA activity - I will transfer everything from the old site here soonish, and once the other domain expires I will not be renewing it anymore.

Take care :)

One of these days I'll actually try to get a more unique-looking layout here, but hey! Isn't the parallax thingie looking just fancy?

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