Progress Update - homestretch!

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Progress Update - homestretch!


I haven't written anything here lately, because to write I need to think of something, and I don't have time to think :) Nah, kidding, but I'm focusing my efforts on a bunch of things I've left to do and it's possible - not promising, but possible - that the book will actually be available in the stores next week! Scary. I fear that I'll do something wrong and stumble over multiple technicalities somewhere along the way :D But I guess it's to be expected from a first-timer. Judging from the struggles my friend, Quentin Oakwood, went through to get his book show on Amazon the way he wanted it to (cover, price, back-cover, ISBNs and all that) I think I should prepare some old cables to bite on.

But, nevertheless, it's a light at the end of the tunnel. It feels pretty abstract for me to publish a novel after about six years of working on it, and, wow, more or less a decade and a half from the first time I started writing a book in all seriousness, filled with dreams of becoming a writer.

If nothing else, I'm gonna buy myself icecream to celebrate the stubbornness :P

What's left to do? Preparing the text to look professionally in print (so much more work than I thought it'd be...) and making a proper e-book based on that (black magic). Then re-researching everything I forgot about how to digitally publish it with PODs and other goodies. At the same time I'll send out the e-books to all those awesome people who helped me on the indieGoGo, then order the hardcovers and other perks - once those arrive, it's perk prize sending time :)

In the meanwhile I'm working on a new website design that will be more concise and hopefully interesting too. I know very little about marketing, but I'm pretty sure an enticing website is a good foundation to build anything up on.