About me

My name is Ariana, I'm 26, and a zodiacal Leo. I also suck at filling in any and all "About Me" sections ever since I no longer have my two cats living with me. They used to be an amazing filler and ice-breaker!

This website actually says a lot about me on its own - I love writing (who'd have guessed!), I paint digitally (though not very often), and I'm a horrible, lazy blogger.

I would love the forests if there were no insects in them, I would love the meadows if they didn't make me sneeze, I would love cities if I weren't scared of people. I'd also like pizza if I liked what it's made of. 100% certain.

I'm the queen of procrastination (fighting over my throne daily with big chunk of the population), the king of finding problems in all things and complaining about them like none other (our national sport), and the jack of worrying about everything (grandma's genes, dammit). The sky's falling daily in here.

I'm also an introvert who feels the need to share and open up without really doing it. And that's one of the reasons I can't live without writing.


Voice Acting

Few years ago I got into amateur voice acting and took part in various fun projects. This section (on the old website I've transferred from) used to list my reels and the projects I have participated in. Nowadays I don't do it much anymore, so I decided to skip moving the list and the videos over, they were horribly outdated anyway. Still, I remember that time very fondly and I don't mind voicing this or that for the old-new friends I've met during my VA adventures, so it's not impossible you will hear me somewhere again at some point.

If for some reason you'd like me specifically to voice something for you, drop me a line. If time allows I will be happy to assist. But please, only projects nearing completion or from people with a track record of finishing what they start :)